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Death Metal Underground

Death Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal, Grindcore, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal and Thrash:
  • Christ Sodomized
    According to some academics, who might have been reading from Hypocrisy and Havohej lyrics, Jesus Christ was sexually abused during his torture before crucifixion: “It’s making quite clear that if this happened today … it needs to be named as sexual abuse, as a very severe form of sexual humiliation. “Very often the stripping is […]
  • Churches Blaze Across The West As Black Metal Musician Charged With Hate Crime
    Almost thirty years after black metal terrorized Scandinavia by igniting 77 churches in a dramatic statement against the politically-correct nature of humanism as taught in the church, burning churches are back in the news as houses of worship blaze across the West. For starters, apparently someone is vandalizing, burning, and defecating on churches of a […]
  • Xibalba – Ah Tza Xibalba Itzaes (2018)
    Both late comebacks of metal bands and revivals of metal sub-genres are offering familiar yet much more streamlined, simplified and somewhat more populist version of themselves. In various ways it stands true for albums like Beherit’s Engram or Asphyx’s Death…The Brutal Way and now also Xibalba’s Ah Tza Xibalba Itzaes. While such sensation remains a […]
  • Tales From Vahdiasland: A Brief Glance Into The Sport Of Rugby
    On the tenth of October 1876 during a schoolboy game of a unique form of Football, a young boy by the name of William Webb Ellis caught the ball between his hands and run unto the opposite side of the pitch to touch the ball down on the opposite side of the pitch and score. […]
  • Nigromante – Pazuzu (2019)
    As black metal winds down into trope-type repetition and pattern entropy, dungeon synth and related genres are taking off just like medieval world music did the first time black metal burned out, and now those two subthreads are converging. Medieval world music, exemplified best by Lord Wind Ales Stenar or Burzum Hlidskjalf, showed us a […]