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Death Metal Underground

Death Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal, Grindcore, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal and Thrash:
  • Dauþuz – Vom schwarzen Schmied (2021)
    For underground metal to inherit itself, it must become what it is, which is a complex transition between modern decay and a scientific pagan folk music that brings out the natural order in a transcendental beauty of light paired with darkness, and to do that, it must go inward and unleash the complexity of its […]
  • Hideous Death – “Remnants of Archaic Evil” (2021)
    This demo mixes the anthemic aspects of 1980s heavy metal and melodic speed metal with the primitivism of early war metal, achieving a sound later than Venom but earlier than Slayer, while covertly working in techniques from underground metal for a hooky but self-possessed release. Most impressively, this band adopts the uptempo relentless bass-drum throb […]
  • Katavasia – Invoking the Spirit of Doom (2021)
    The problem with black metal is that it tried to evolve, not realizing that it was the ultimate evolution and had to go within, making more complex melodies and keeping its droning ambient mood-shifting textural structure. Katavasia attempts to return to black metal with heavy metal roots like Varathron, from which it borrowed personnel. Verses […]
  • Massacre – Resurgence (2021)
    Like most of nowadays death metal, this album has its moments, but fundamentally, is a speed metal and heavy metal hybrid dressed up as death metal. Like rock music, it focuses on establishing tonal centers and then using fills around those to keep its riffs together, instead of getting fully chromatic and using phrasal, through-composed […]
  • Sinister Perpetual Damnation Reissue Arrives
    Foundational Dutch death metal band Sinister has re-issued its 1990 demo “Perpetual Damnation” on a CD, cassette, and vinyl release titled Perpetual Damnation. You can get your copy from Xtreem Music or on the Hammerheart Records compilation The Blood Past. Tracklist: 1. Putrefying Remains 2. Spiritual Immolation 3. Compulsory Resignation 4. Perpetual Damnation The label […]