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Death Metal Underground

Death Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal, Grindcore, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal and Thrash:
  • COMPILATION REPORT: Ultra Metal (Monitor, 1990)
    Back in the 1980/90s – a time when underground metal wasn’t just a click away – buying compilation albums was a fun and affordable method for discovering new music. As introductions to specific styles or scenes – some of which otherwise remained restricted to the tape trading community – they’re the perfect option. Also, compilations […]
  • Godkiller – The Warlord (Self-released, 1995)
    When doing research for the recently published review of Godkiller’s The Rebirth of the Middle Ages I stumbled upon this earlier demo-proposal by the band. Released the year before the EP, The Warlord consists of a short introductory instrumental piece + two lengthier compositions spanning over ten minutes each. Of particular interest in this context […]
  • Godkiller – The Rebirth of the Middle Ages (Wounded Love, 1996)
    Before morphing into some kind of industrial hybrid act, Monaco’s Godkiller released this charming yet flawed bagatelle of medievalist melodic black metal. Stylistically, it could be described as a loosely knit mélange of early Satyricon, Emperor and Summoning if channeled through the warm, emotive dialect of Mediterranean culture. That much of the material is voiced […]
  • Imprecation Unleashes “Swine Full of Maggots” From Diabolical Flames of the Ascended Plague Split With Black Blood Invocation
    Holy host mutilating death metal band Imprecation issued forth “Swine Full of Maggots,” the first track from the Imprecation/Black Blood Invocation split entitled Diabolical Flames of the Ascended Plague due to see physical release on December 6, 2019. Famous for building doom metal style groove into a blasphemous fusion of Incantation and Asphyx, Imprecation have […]
  • Burzum Announces New Album Thulêan Mysteries
    On a recent tweet, legendary black metal band Burzum announces a new ambient album to accompany game-play in the Varg Vikernes crafted Myfarog role-playing game. Vikernes described the album-to-come as a collection of spare ambient works: The working title for the next Burzum album is “Thulêan Mysteries” & it has – as the planned song […]