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Death Metal Underground

Death Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal, Grindcore, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal and Thrash:
  • “Where Did All These Corpses Come From?” Wonders SoCal Sheriff
    Southern California Sheriff Glenn Randall listened carefully to the voice on his cellular phone. “Bring it in,” he said finally. Then he turned to his assistant, Marco Rodriguez-Henderson, and said, “Again?” As part of the going search for Glee actress Naya Rivera, Sheriff Randall and his team have been scouring Lake Piru with sonar, dredges, […]
  • Unresolved Mysteries Explores Baffling Disappearance Of Nagging Girlfriend
    “Are the pigs gone?” With these words, the new season of Unresolved Mysteries kicks off on Netflix with the mysterious and unexplained disappearance of Austin woman McKayla Rotini, who vanished without a trace last year. The first episode opens with her boyfriend, Jayden O’Malley-Wicznewski, smoking a bong with his friends, the cops having just left […]
  • Giger – Submit to Reality (2019)
    Language can be useful for its specificity or its generality, with the latter being exemplified by the phrase “chord progression.” It means a sequence of root notes and harmony notes and in rock music signifies the harmonic backdrop to a song, where in jazz it means more the geometry of a melody in relation to […]
  • Theater Drama “Death Metal Jesus” Seeks Actors
    If you have ever wanted to be in a play about death metal, here is your chance: a drama named “Death Metal Jesus” is seeking actors. The producers released the following statement: Casting “Death Metal Jesus,” a student-produced, five-minute, black-and-white short film. Synopsis: “Death Metal Jesus” is about God’s “other son” named Joey, the frontman […]
  • Splice (2009)
    Unfortunately for this film, its producers billed it as sci-fi horror instead of revealing that it comes to us from the genre which David Cronenberg and David Lynch pioneered, which is postmodern horror that uses science and society as a metaphor for our own inner turmoil. Splice centers on two scientists — Clive Nicoli (Adrien […]