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Death Metal Underground

Death Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal, Grindcore, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal and Thrash:
  • Metal Comedy: UADA Cancel Show Due to Slightly Warm Temperatures
    Hipster band and MGLA knock-off UADA were unable to play a show in Mexico because of a bit of sunlight in a country known for its year round high temperatures. Apparently playing droning songs with occasional Dissection like melodies in a vest is such a challenging feat that anything above room temperature is considered a […]
  • Imprecation / Black Blood Invocation Release Diabolical Flames of the Ascended Plague
    Texas doom-death occultists Imprecation join forces with war metal vanguard Black Blood Invocation to release Diabolical Flames of the Ascended Plague, a split album with four tracks from each band in a style informed both by the classics of underground metal and hermetic Luciferianism. If recent past Imprecation work offers a gauge, this newer material […]
  • Xymsa Releases 2CD Compilation Xysma Of Beach Boys Influenced Grindcore
    Nearly thirty years after the heyday of death metal and grindcore (1983-1994) one of those “odd” bands, Xysma, similarly situated outside normalcy as Disharmonic Orchestra, Phlebotomized, Comecon, Afflicted, and Carbonized, finally releases a mass production compilation of its oeuvre of experimental death metal and grindcore. Covering Xysma works from 1989 through 1993, this remastered 2-CD […]
  • Ultimate Analysis: The Themes and Lyrics of Iron Maiden – Piece of Mind
    Defining metal’s lyrical fascinations demands that we dive into one of its masterpieces. We will seek the common theme behind the topics that influenced one of Iron Maiden’s greatest records, Piece of Mind; Can life imitate art? Our lyrics are also very important and the spirituality we’d like to get across are in par with […]
  • Brief Thoughts On Deeds Of Flesh Path of the Weakening
    guest article by Svennerick A fan favourite and the band’s third offering Path Of The Weakening whichalso the first record released through the band’s own label which showed the comeback of former drummer Joey Heaslet and the inclusion of second guitarist, Jim Tkacz completing the line-up and giving the band an even more thicker and […]