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Death Metal Underground

Death Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal, Grindcore, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal and Thrash:
  • Abomination Demos Going Out Of Print, On Sale
    We all know the metal cycle: something gets press, people rush out to buy it, and then years later we see it in the sale bin as companies reduce stock in something which, since it is no longer in the metal media, is not selling. Right now the re-issue of the Abomination demos is getting […]
  • Retrospective: Septic Flesh – Ophidian Wheel
    In the modern metal lexicon, European metal has often been used to denote bands that relied extensively on Iron Maiden harmonies, keyboards, pseudo-classical melodies, female vocalists, tremolo picked riffs and overall less influence from Pantera and Metallica. Septic Flesh have come to epitomize this style despite adding a lot more Metalcore elements to keep with […]
  • Nihilist Carnal Leftovers Sees May First Release
    Pre-Entombed Swedish death metal powerhouse Nihilist released two demos and two EPs before becoming Entombed and going on to great fame in the death metal underground. Old timers used to talk about the first Entombed album wistfully, pointing out that the “real” Swedish death metal revolution had happened with Carnage and Nihilist. Addressing this outlook, […]
  • DMU Podcast 2: Derailed Conversation On Finnish Death Metal
    Join guest writer Svennerick and I as we take a look at Finnish Death metal that takes us on a variety of topics across the Death metal spectrum.
  • Xtreem Music to release Sinister’s “Perpetual Damnation” via their “10 Inches of Deathcult” series
    Xtreem Music announced the “10 Inches of Deathcult” series which will provide long time death metal listeners with a chance to obtain rare and long out of print demos from classic 80s and 90s extreme metal acts on ten inch vinyl, with its first release, “Perpetual Damnation” from Dutch death metal legends Sinister. According to […]